Daily Reflection, July 4, 2016


Ephesians 5:12 It’s a scandal when people waste their lives on things they must do in the darkness where no one will see.

People under the influence can be insensitive to what they are doing. Unaware of their stupidity or aggression towards others. Their behaviour can be quite out of character, their feelings messed up as they move in the false reality of intocication. Their decency can be squandered and things can get broken and damaged without their knowledge.

The Bible speaks about “not beong able to think straight anymore.”  “feeling no pain.” and “letting themselves go in obsession.”  (Ephesiands 4:19) Sinful habits that can exist in us without intoxication. Drugged by inbibing the spirit of the evil one. Infection that can be associated with swallowing the worlds anti-God mentality.

Sometimes in recovery what we are seeking is to “feel good,”  a sense of pleasure. A warning to all readers:- The feelings you are going to experience as you go through the process are not all going to be good. There will be offputting days from a number of different sources, which will cause you pain and upset.

Recovery does not save us from pain and hurt. Nor will you always feel good. The enemy will see to that. Faith needs to be employed to rise above negative feelings when they present. God must be sought to deal with our innermost needs. Prayer is a great source of driving our negativity, doubts and gloom, The Word of God a great source of obtaining uplift and reassurance.

Prayer:-  Lord today I seek your help in combatting anything that
threatens to drag  me down.

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