Daily Reflection July 9,2016


Isaiah 3:13 The Lord takes his place in court. He stands up to judge the people.

This is encouraging. When we “Make a decision to let God help me change and commit to working with Him to do so.”  He checks action directed against us. He offers strong advice to those determined to make us fail. He promises to stand for us, against those who stand waiting to pounce on us. He encourages us to be jubilant about the possibilty of overcoming enemy attacks.

It is sad but true that often those nearest to us in recovery are our closest threats. God will give verdict on all who fail Him. Those who failed in their responsibility to help others. Which also includes those who do not properly assist us in our attempts at achieving healthy spiritual growth.

When we establish a new way of living and serving through recovery for God we need to diligently stay attuned to Him. Through personal relationship and communication He will give us the right words and actions to be pillars of strength to those He leads us to assist in their walk with Him.

Prayer:  Lord make me what I ought to be so I can stand for You,
and be a tower of strength to others.

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