Daily Reflection July 10, 2016


Acts 3:6 Peter said, “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk!”

It is an engaging thing as we read about Jesus in the New Testament, how we learn about Him dealing with long-standing complaints. Several of these are given from lifetimes of suffering and bondage. Remarkable that how Jesus stepped into my life and suddenly everything changed. Helpless, hopeless and lost. Mentally, physically and spiritually bankrupt that was me. Without hope of ever living differently and then Jesus came. He gave me hope, He helped me, mentally, physically and spiritually He chnaged my life. My addictions and compulsions defeated.

There is no attitude, problem, crisis or habit that is so deep in our fibre it cannot be dealt with by Christ. His redeeming Blood can go deeper than any sin or enslavement. No matter how deelpy entrenched in our character. Whatever you are going through give it over to Jesus and experience the miracle of life released from habits of years. The struggles of your past which ended in failure can be dealt with. Resulting in new opportunities to rise above them and step into Christ.

Prayer: Lord give me faith to believe. Take charge of my sinful nature.
I repent of my mischief and mismanagement and hand over my
badly affected body and soul to You.

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