Daily Reflection July 13, 2016

HeaderJesus gives us hope

Psalms 10:17 Lord, you hear the longings of those who are hurting. You cheer them up and give them hope. You listen to their cries.

 God understands our suffering and Jesus identifies with it. He was made perfect through suffering far greater than any of us will ever experience. He didn’t need to suffer, but He chose to for our benefit.

Through His suffering He opened the way for us to be saved, to be changed and to recover.

Some of the most rewarding experiences in the process of my recovery have been times of suffering. Because in my suffering I have had to depend on God more than when everything has gone well. When we rely on God through trusting He has it all under control and works out our lives to benefit us we experience the greater things of God.

  • Is there a time in Your life when God’s hope was Your only hope?

Prayer: Lord help me to put my hope in You and not in myself,
other people or circumstances.

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