Daily Reflection July 30, 2016

HeaderTime to forgive


Matthew 5:44 Here is what I tell you. Love your enemies. Pray for those who hurt you.

 Forgiving others isn’t always easy. Often the pain is still real and raw. But forgiving is necessary to moving on in the process of recovery. The degree we are willing to forgive those who have hurt us is an indication of how much we have grown spiritually.

I grew up with an aggressive and abusive step-father. My resentment towards him was far greater than any other resentment I carried in my heart. When I entered recovery He was the hardest person for me to forgive. So much so that a couple of times my resentment for him threatened to bring me unstuck.

Through prayer, meditation, residing in the presence of God and understanding of my step-fathers faults I forgave – but it was hard.

  • Are you carrying resentment that will lead to relapse?

Prayer: Lord help me to forgive.

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