Daily Reflection August 9, 2016

HeaderLosing our way and our rewards

2 John 1:8 Watch out that you don’t lose what you have worked for. Make sure that you get your complete reward.

Todays scripture is good advice. Not about money but as a reminder of all the moral effortwe have put in to achieve recovery. Bravado moment jokng with mates, bragging, unwise choices can trip us up if we are not paying attention. So can loneliness, resentments, too much isolation, leniency in our attitudes towards life and recovery.

Now that we have done the work towards recovery we don’t want to through it away. Working on It” needs to become our new motto. We must allow nithing to interfere and lead us away from the path of recovery. The wages of continued self-discpline remain priceless in our new way of living. Any rewards we have gained are far better than the horrors of our using days and the suffering of our addictions and compulsions.

Philippians 2:12 Continue to work out your own salvation. .

Prayer: Lord teach me to work on retaining my salvation, safety and recovery.

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