Daily Reflection August, 2016


Psalms 1:1 Great blessings belong to those who don’t listen to evil advice, who don’t live like sinners, and who don’t join those who make fun of God.

Advice is often very cheap. Have you ever noticed how many people are ready to tell you what is good for you? Or are who contantly want to tell you how to live your life?

Often we end up making a mess of our lives, not because we don’t know what is right and wrong, but because we listen to and follow wrong advice. If you want to succeed in recovery you have to follow the examples of those who are succeeding in recovery.

If you want advice on how to overcome alcohol addiction talk to someone who has overcome alcohol addiction successfully, drugs talk to someone who has overcome a drug problem successfully, gambling, porn etc. Ask yourself the question “Do I really need this in my life or can I live without it?”


There are many voices in this world telling me what to do and what is good for me. May I always remember God is also speaking to me and He has something special to say to me. I can hear Him speaking through reading and meditating on His Word. And, I can hear Him speaking through the lives of those who have gone before me in reovery and are living victorious lives.


Lord I pray today that I may listen for what You want to say to me and that I may follow the advice of those who are living victorious lives in recovery.

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