Daily Reflection August 27, 2016


Psalms 1:2 Love the Lord’s teachings and think about them day and night.

When we first started drinking, taking drugs most of us found a ‘friend’ to help us face life’s problems. But it didn’t take long before that ‘friend’ became our biggest problem. To begin with our drug of choice made our life happy, full and satisfying. Then one day, we found all it left us with was headaches and heartaches.

In recovery we learn that life’s problems can be faced without alcohol and other drugs. We discover by the ‘Love of the Lord’s teaching.’ we have a freedom which alcohol and other drugs will only rob us of. The ‘Lord’s teachings’ are the highway to freedom proved successful by the lives and testimonies of many who have walked the road of recovery before us. Am I enjoying the ‘Love of the Lord’s teachings?’ and am I enjoying the freedom that it brings?


I will not allow my life to be controlled by alcohol, drugs or other compulsions. I want to enjoy the freedom that is onlly found in knowing and living the ‘Lord’s teachings.’  Through recovery I will seek to see God’s image in others I live with and engage with through my life. Recognising we are all God’s children and He loves us.


I pray that I may discover God’s plan for my life and that I may find the freedom that comes from knowing and living the ‘Lord’s teachings.’

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