Daily Reflection August 28,2016


Psalms 1:3 Everything they do is successful.

Many of us turned to alcohol and drugs to help us ‘succeed’ in business, as adults or as people. For a while it worked, we were better at all sorts of things, coped better when we were under the influence.When the effects of the alcohol and drugs wore off, more often than not reality set in. Faced with the truth for most of us leading us back to more alcohol and more drugs to to live in the fantasy of coping.

In recovery we learn to face up to others people’s expectations of us being honest with ourselves and with them. We don’t need to always be the best in business, as adults or as people. It’s okay not to awlays be okay.

I believe God has the power to help me to live my life without alcohol and drugs. He can hel me to achieve the right balance between expectations and abilities. Like Paul I can now say “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” I can face life’s opportunities and problems without having to turn to my drug of choice, thanks to my faith in God.

I pray that I will learn to rely on God’s strength when face with situations
and problems I find it difficult to cope with.

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