Daily Reflection August 30, 2016


Psalms 1:6 For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous.

Think back over those days of drinking, using drugs, fighting, arguing and crisis. Days you can’t remember and days you wish you didn’t remember. Think back to them and ask your self “How could someone not have been watching over me?” Our drinking and wayward living, our associates in those times were always ready to make sure we had a ‘good time’ We even convinced ourselves that tose people were our ‘best mates’

It wasn’t untile we entered a life of recovery we were able to admit that more often than not the people we mixed with then were just as lost and out of control as we were.

Recovery brings us true friendships and the knowledge that God watches over everything and everyone. No longer do we wake us wondering where we were last night and what terrible thinks did we do?

God is watching over us and no longer do we trust our lives to the care of others who’s lives are a mess and are out of control. By learning and applying the twelve steps to our daily living we are learning about a loving heavenly Father who is intereted in our lives, wants to take care of us an wants the best for us.


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