Daily Reflection September 11, 2016


Bible Reading: Matthew 12:22-32
Focus Verse: Matthew 12:25 Jesus knew what they were thinking, and so he said to them, “Any country that divides itself into groups which fight each other will not last very long. And any town or family that divides itself into groups which fight each other will fall apart.

After Jesus healed a demon-possessed man the Pharisees heard about it and said the reason He could cast out demons was because His power came from Satan. There are times in recovery when we meet people or we ourselves think there must be a trick to this. No one can possibly overcome their addictions and compulsions by believing in God and giving control of their lives to Him.

Sadly Christ-centred recovery is often rejected or overlooked by those who need it most or people turn away from it because others convince them it is not the right way to obtain and maintain recovery.

There are plenty of good influences in recovery. People who are able to talk sensibly about the process and God’s place in the process. It is up to us to seek them out and to assoiciate ourselves with them. We need to make a conscious decision to be strong, to read the right material, attend the right groups and associate with the right people if we are going to successfully learn God’s will for our lives and carry it out.

My God is a God who created, communicated, rested and related. Those are the guidelines of my recovery. Give it to God, build on Biblical foundations; learn from Him, communicate His Word to others, rest when I need to and be selective about my relationships.

Introduce me God to the right things. Things that You approve of and want me to enjoy. Help me to steer clear of the wrong things, sinister and sinful things, in Jesus name I pray.

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