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Recovery Devotion 140, 2017


Psalms 51:3-6 I know how bad I’ve been; my sins are staring me down. You’re the One I’ve violated, and you’ve seen it all, seen the full extent of my evil. You have all the facts before you; whatever you decide about me is fair. I’ve been out of step with you for a long time, in the wrong since before I was born. What you’re after is the truth from the inside out. Enter me, then; conceive a new, true life.

The chorus of a song in The Salvation Army Songbook says:

No more! No more! He remembers sins no more, they are pardoned forever, and he will never Bring them up against me anymore. I’ll hear no more of the evil days of yore; I’m a pardoned offender, And God will remember them no more.

So why do we keep beating ourselves up? Forgiveness from God is final. That doesn’t mean we have a license to keep making bad choices and doing the wrong things. What it does mean is if I seriously and honestly confess my sin to God and trust Him to help me change He will.

Recovery is about life change. Life change is about living right from here on.

– Are you hanging onto old hurts and habits?


Prayer: Lord help me to let go and let You change my character.

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