Recovery Devotion 155,2017

Romans 6:11 In the same way, consider yourselves to be dead as far as sin is concerned. Now that you believe in Christ Jesus, consider yourselves to be alive as far as God is concerned.

Recovery changes us and we need to live lives that demonstrate we believe that. We should not be ashamed to show others the changes God has made in us. We should not be embarrassed about making different choices of acting differently than we used to.

If we are in recovery and act like we have always acted why would anyone want what we have?

Through the process of recovery, we are reborn into a new way of living. A way that is available to anyone who wants to pursue it and we have a responsibility to introduce them to it.

– When did you last share your experience, strength and hope with others?.

Prayer: Lord, use me today to encourage those in my sphere of influence.







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