Living Life Recovery Reflection #243

you are enough

Matthew 7:12 “In everything, do to others what you would want them to do to you. This is what is written in the Law and in the Prophets.”

One of our biggest problems in the process of recovery is our own self-worth. I spent a lot of my time during my drinking years believing “I’m not enough.,” Because I didn’t put a lot of value on myself it also devalued how I treated and reacted to others.

I came to recovery believing I was not enough. Believing I would never amount to anything. It was through the love and care of those I engaged with through recovery I learned to respect myself, my opinions and my worth. God created us in His image and that makes us enough.

  •  How do you feel about your own value

Prayer: Lord when I look in the mirror let me see what You see and when I interact with others let me be who You created me to be.

#242-Let go of resentment


Matthew 5:23Suppose you are offering your gift at the altar. And you remember that your brother has something against you.”

 This scripture in Matthew goes on to say “If you remember someone has something against you leave your gift and go and make peace, then come back and offer your gift.” That tells me the process of making restitution in continued spiritual growth is a big one.

This is not always an easy step to take. To let go of all resentment. To give it to God and then go and make peace with the people you resent goes against everything we have ever done in life before. But it is necessary because if we don’t resentment will lead us back down that path of despair.

  • Now you are at a turning point in your relationship with God and others how do you feel?


Prayer: God give me the strength to let go of resentment. To trust you as I go to those I resent to repair relationships.

#241-Peace achieved


Matthew 5:9 Blessed are those who make peace. They will be called sons of God.

 Step Nine says “Having identified the people, I have harmed, I will now go and make restitution to them. Unless to do is going to cause them or other pain or suffering.” It is time to start making peace with those we have harmed or those who have harmed us.

Peace in our lives is a product of trusting God. The Bible talks about “peace beyond our understanding.” It comes not by doubt or avoidance but by learning and applying what we have learned to daily living.

Peace in our lives is also a product of our obedience to God. Many of us in the past have sought to find an easier softer way and failed. Through our obedience God leads us on a pathway of peace with Him and with others. All we need to do is walk the pathway.

  • Are you ready to make peace with God and others?


 Prayer: Lord help me achieve peace

#240-Life is valuable


Proverbs 14:30 A peaceful heart gives life to the body. But jealousy rots the bones.

 Living in recovery per God’s will makes life valuable. Through this process, God asked us to choose life through following Jesus rather than leading life per our own sinful desires.

God wants us through the process to stop trying to control our own destiny and let Him guide us.  This makes sense based on the way we lived prior to recovery and the fact that Christ knows better than us what is good for us and what we need to keep moving forward in life.

God also asks us to submit to Him in order that we might lose our self-centeredness and understand the value of our own lives and the lives of others in our circle of influence.

  • What value do you place on your life and the lives of others now that you are progressing spiritually in recovery?


 Prayer: Lord help me to place the same value on life as You do.

#239-Not guilty


Psalms 13:3 Lord my God, look at me and answer me. Give me new life, or I will die.

 For many of us, recovery is our last hope of living a normal life. For so long we have been caught up in the crisis and turmoil of recovery. Seeing no way out. Recovery is our hope of a fresh start. Of a life living in relationship with God and others are we were intended to.

Before we entered the recovery process our natures were sinful. We disobeyed, rebelled and ignored God and others. In recovery through making a conscious decision to let God help us change God has declared us not guilty. In doing so He does not take us out of the world or make us robots. The difference is pre-recovery we submitted to our sinful nature. Through recovery, God arms us to overcome it.

  • How do you feel knowing and believing God has declared you not guilty and will provide all you need to overcome?


Prayer: Lord help me today to understand Your declaration over me.


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