Living Life Recovery Week #32

Step 11 blog

There is a purpose to recovery and it is outlined in Step Eleven. It is to discover God’s plan for my life, implement it into my daily living and through implementing it improve my relationship with Him.

There are a number of useful tools in Step Eleven and we are going to look at some of them on Monday night in Hastings in order for us to know what God expects from us and what He will do as a result of us doing it.


Love Everyone


Romans 12:14 Bless those who hurt you. Bless them, and do not call down curses on them.

 The Bible commands us to bless our enemies. Luke 6:28 “Bless those who call down curses on you. And pray for those who treat you badly.” Jesus wasn’t talking about having affection for your enemies. He was talking about the love that takes conscious effort.  A love that acts in the best interest of everyone.

The way to start loving your enemies is to add them to your prayer list. To talk to God about why they are making you feel the way you feel towards them.  Then ask Him to help you overcome those negative feelings.

Jesus loved the whole world, even those who didn’t love or respect Him. We need to do the same.

  • Who still needs to be put on your list that is not on it yet because of your feelings towards them?


Prayer God today help me to love everyone I connect with and respect their right to be different to me.