Living Life Recovery Reflection #229


Philippians 2:4 None of you should look out just for your own good. You should also look out for the good of others.

 Progression in the process of recovery brings us into a relationship with others who may not be as far down the recovery road as we are.

I want to start with a word of warning. The first two years of recovery are about getting to know God and yourself. I would not advise anyone with any less than two years’ recovery up to Sponsor anyone else. That being said we all have something to offer each other. I would encourage everyone, no matter where you are on this spiritual journey to do what you can to help others.

  • Always be ready to share your experience, strength, and hope.
  • Only talk about your own experience.
  • Before you share take the time to talk to God about it.


Prayer: God open my eyes and heart to being used by You to help others where I can.

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