The Skinny On Recovery – EVANGELISM

Skinny on Evangelism_fb
This week at Living Life Recovery we commence a series called “The Skinny on Recovery” inspired by ‘The Skit Guys’The Skinny On’ videos.
The dictionary defines ‘SKINNY’ as very lean, thin. It also defines it a slang for accurate information; data; facts. It is my hope that through this series those attending will through studying Jesus, His ministry and mission get a better understanding of how God’s Word applies to recovery and the need for us all to adapt it into our daily living.
We would normally, never start a series with the topic of ‘EVANGELISM’ but in view of the fact we have just completed a Twelve Step series with Step Twelve being last week I feel it is a good starting point to explore recovery together as we walk in fellowship with God to meet those still suffering from the effects of their own addictions and bad choices or the effects of the addictions of a loved one or friend.
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