Day: September 6, 2017

You Are a Champion

The enemy’s spiritual roadblocks are set up to hinder your effectiveness and distract you with deceit, irritation, and offense. The struggle in your mind is much like a heavy-weight boxing match between Jesus, the Champion, and Satan, the pretender contender. The pretender throws the punch of sadness, the […]

ENCOURAGE EACH OTHERReflection #248 , 2017 Romans 14:19 Let us do all we can to live in peace. And let us work hard to build each other up.  Building up others and being encouraged by others is one of the most important processes of recovery. Most of us […]

Step Nine – Day Six Life Recovery Devotional SOMETHING FOR NOTHINGBible Reading: Luke 15:11-24 We made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others. Some of us may have stolen things from others, but now have no means of […]