You Are a Champion


The enemy’s spiritual roadblocks are set up to hinder your effectiveness and distract you with deceit, irritation, and offense. The struggle in your mind is much like a heavy-weight boxing match between Jesus, the Champion, and Satan, the pretender contender. The pretender throws the punch of sadness, the Messiah counters with joy. The bully punches with anger, and Jesus fights back with kindness. The antagonist hits with anxiety and worry, the healer responds with patience and peace. The assailant lays down temptation, and the Lord of Lords quickly strikes back with faithfulness. The knock-out punch was Jesus’ resurrection. Jesus takes off his gloves, and the match is over!

Your excuses for running to the pretender’s corner lessen as you embrace being the beloved of Jesus, who accepts you as you are. You linger in his presence a bit longer than last week. As you become more real with yourself, and others, it’s critical to reveal the little foxes you think are insignificant. They can knock you out of being the champion Jesus says you are.

Lord, I’m grateful for your victory in the boxing ring. Help me to stay in your corner for the remainder of the fight. Amen.


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