Weakness and Hardships

Check out the mirror to see its reflection. Are you an imposter, pretending to be what you aren’t, or authentic enough to admit who you truly are? The spirit of fear comes hard against love, and when it comes knocking to disrupt your day of being real, let faith open the door. Examine yourself to see if your faith is real or something abstract. The only way to fail this test is to not know Jesus is in you right now. If you fail the test, do something about it! When Jesus’ love is in you, fear has to leave.
Are you willing to examine and take ownership of what’s going on? There’s a different road to travel than the road to self-destruction, medicating the pain of your resentment and regrets. It’s okay to be hopeful!

Can you admit when you’re wrong, or weak, quickly? The disciple Paul delighted in his weakness, hardships, and difficulties. It’s okay to be driven to your knees by troubles; it’s a great place to be.

Lord, I pray to endure whatever comes, for your sake. I pray when battered and bruised, your grace is sufficient to strengthen me. Amen.

2 CORINTHIANS 12:9-10, 13:5


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