A New Year. A New Challenge

Alcoholics Anonymous began in 1935 and was founded on the basic teachings of the Oxford Group which followed six assumptions:

  1. Human beings are sinners.
  2. Human beings can be changed.
  3. Confession is a prerequisite to change.
  4. The changed soul has direct access to God.
  5. The age of miracles has returned.
  6. Those who have been changed are to change others

These six basic assumptions are foundational in Living Life Recovery along with the Oxford Groups five procedures.

  1. Giving in to God.
  2. Listening to God’s directions.
  3. Checking for guidance.
  4. Restitution.
  5. Sharing, both confession and witness.

If you have enjoyed Living Life Recovery Reflections in the past, firstly we thank you! We also encourage you to visit our website each week as we commence the process of publishing weekly recovery messages that reflect our commitment to the original assumptions and procedures of Alcoholics Anonymous.

If you have never visited our website and are looking for support and encouragement as you struggle with life’e problems we invite you to do so. Visit the site and read some of our Recovery Posts and if you would like to know more about Living Life Recovery fill in the contact form on our contact page so we can support you in your walk.

Our message is Bible Based, our purpose “to introduce people to recovery from life’s problems through personal realtionship with the Holy Spirit, understanding and application of The Twelve Steps of Living Life Recovery.”


Welcome to 2018


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