Day: 9 January 2018


Only God understands our real motives. God makes it clear why we sin. It’s a matter of the heart. We are inclined to sin from birth. But sin is a choice. We can choose what we do and what we don’t do and if we ask Him, God […]


God’s punishment does not change his love for usI’ll rub their faces in the dirt of their rebellion and make them face the music. But I’ll never throw them out, never abandon or disown them. Psalms 89:32-33   God disciplines those He lovesGood friend, don’t forget all I’ve […]

You’ll Get Through This

The false facade of thinking more highly of yourself than of others has to go; it’s a mask everyone has worn. A subtle smokescreen from the pit of hell declares that what you did in the past disqualifies you from the Father’s unconditional love. When you feel worthless, […]

#9-Remember the chaos

Proverbs 25:28 A man who can’t control himself is like a city whose walls are broken down. Time and time again I have sat in meetings and heard people talk about the ‘insanity’ I want to talk today about the chaos. The chaos of waking in the morning […]