You’ll Get Through This

The false facade of thinking more highly of yourself than of others has to go; it’s a mask everyone has worn. A subtle smokescreen from the pit of hell declares that what you did in the past disqualifies you from the Father’s unconditional love. When you feel worthless, you tell others they’re unworthy; when you feel judged, you’ll judge others; and when you feel guilty, you’ll pronounce others guilty. You no longer have to pretend to be someone you’re not.

In recovery, it’s critical to accept the truth that your old life is gone. Christ’s new life for you has begun. A fresh start for a new day, a new you. God reconciled the world to himself, making all things new. Jesus’ love compels you to places never imagined or dreamed of.

Jesus died so you no longer live for yourself, but for him. As you leave the “old man” the enemy declares you to be, and embrace the “new man” God says you are, there will be opposition. That’s okay. You’ll get through this—just don’t quit.

Lord, I pray I will treat others better, thinking less of myself. I pray for grace for the times my false mask sneaks back onto my face. Amen.

2 CORINTHIANS 5:15-17;  GALATIANS 5:14-17

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