#13-Change your habits


1 Thessalonians 5:22 Stay away from every kind of evil.

I learned bad habits by doing bad things. I did bad things because they felt good. Notice I said ‘they felt good’ not ‘they were right.’

Recovery is about doing the right thing. We are all born knowing the difference between right and wrong. Most of us end up in trouble because we choose to do wrong. I did.

 In recovery and in life the best source I have found to learn the right thing from is the Bible.  God created us in His image and He gave us His Word as a guide of how to live life as He wants us to.

  • Do you read the Bible?
  • Do you Pray?
  • If not, why not?
  • Are you willing to start?



Focus on Jesus


When we seek to win others to Christ, we must never think we possess any power in ourselves or lead others to believe we do through an air of superiority or lightness as we proclaim the gospel. We would do well to heed the advice of Dr. Payson, who said, “Paint Jesus Christ upon your canvas, and then hold Him up to the people, but hold Him up so that not even your little finger can be seen.”


Refocusing Your Behaviour


“When we live dysfunctional lives we have dysfunctional thoughts that lead to dysfuntional choices and dysfuntional behaviour.” Archie Boyle

Refocusing our behaviour requires behavioural examination. We can’t change our behaviours unless we identity destructtive behaviours, behaviours God does not approve of and ways of avoiding them moving forward.

Refocusing our behaviour requires identifying people and situation. There are people and situations in all of our lives that are no good for us. Especially early in recovery so we need to bu plans in place (at least in the early days) to avoid those people and situations.

Refocusing our behaviour requires addressing our fear of God’s way of living. In recovery we are making a concious decision to change our lives. “We change our lives by changing ourselves.” Following God’s way of living requires radical behaviour change. “Radical behaviour change requires radical commitment.”

Matthew 16:24 Jesus said to His disciples, “If any of you wants to be My follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow Me.”

Jesus disciples knew what He was talking about when He Jesus painted this picture for them. Following Him meant risking death, giving up what they were used to and perservering in ‘The Way’ His way. Refocusing our behaviour means committing to discovering God’s plan for our lives and seeking His power to carry it out.