#22-God is Listening

Psalms 31:22 I was afraid and said, “I’ve been cut off from you!” But you heard my cry for your favour. You heard me when I called out to you for help.

Realising I needed God and involving Him in my recovery were two different things.

When God invited me to follow Him my immediate response was YES! But then my pride kicked in.  I started to justify in my own mind why I didn’t really need to follow Him.

After reaching rock-bottom and deciding to follow Jesus I began to paint a better picture in my mind of myself than what was really true. Through that realisation I made a concious decision to ‘Let God lead’  and today ‘I’ve Been Changed’

  • Are you willing to take an honest look at yourself?
  • Are you prepared to change your thinking?


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  1. “But then my pride kicked in.”
    Oh, I know that feeling very well! It’s almost a constant struggle. It’s not that I think that I can do it on my own… It’s that when I think the answer is “no”, I end up choosing to do it on my own.

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