The Fork in the Road

Practically everything the world wants has nothing to do with the design of the creator. When you tip-toe through the world’s tulips, the love of what it offers can squeeze out your love for the Father. In a flash, you can choose insanity over God’s wisdom and peace. The power of you versus the power of God makes absolutely no sense, yet your pride and ego demand their victory dance of control and manipulation at a huge cost.

Jesus listens to your prayer and empowers you to walk his path to freedom. In a split second, the atmosphere can change and off you go in your Pharisee robes. As you approach the fork in the road, God’s Spirit nudges you in the direction most beneficial, yet your stubborn flesh hates to be told what to do. It elbows its way around the Spirit to lead you down the road of falling rocks and another dead-end.

Resist the enemy and the flesh in the name of Jesus, and choose God’s smooth, peaceful road. Know there’s still a war going on. Arm up!

Lord, I pray the Holy Spirit would be active and breathing in me. I pray for forgiveness for the many times I choose the world over you. Amen.

1 JOHN 2:15-17; ROMANS 8:7

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