#25-Heart Transformation

Psalms 69:20 They have broken my heart by saying evil things about me. It has left me helpless. I looked for pity, but I didn’t find any. I looked for someone to comfort me, but I didn’t find anyone.

 The heart is the centre of human spirit. Our emotions, thoughts, motivations, courage and actions are all heart driven.

I don’t know about you but the only thing that drove my spirit during my addiction was my ‘drug of choice.’ Mines was alcohol and my life revolved around the next drink.

Coming into recovery I had to learn to feel differently, to think differently and to act differently.

The Twelve Steps and the Bible taught me and continue to teach me who I really am. They taught me my strengths and weaknesses and showed me how to live a positive and productive life.

-Have you decided to live differently?


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  1. Absolutely!

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