Give yourself to God

Don’t let any part of yourself be used to do evil. Instead, give yourselves to God. You have been brought from death to life. So give every part of yourself to God to do what is right.

God cannot, and will not help you to overcome your problems unless you ‘Yield to Him’  and invite Him to help. Asking for help is a transaction required by us, not God. It requires a change of direction, a turning to God at all times in all circumstances instead of looking other means of escape. “Only those who see the invisible can do the impossible.” So we are to give ourselves to God. every part of ourselves, unconditionally.

Many, many people have been able to turn their lives around through the process of recovery with Gods help and have found victory and salvation simply (not always easily) through faith in Him. Acts 16:31 says: “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.”

Believing in and trusting God implies yielding to Him for life change and salvation. A mind yielded to God discovery is sure to benefit  and prove encouraging to us.

Prayer Lord take my will and strengthen it. Take my mind and train it in Your school of faith. Amen


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