I am a friend of God!

When we were at our worst, we were put on friendly terms with God by the sacrificial death of his Son, now that we’re at our best, just think of how our lives will expand and deepen by means of his resurrection life!

Why would God want to be my friend? Why in the midst of my messed up life would God want anything to do with me? Proverbs 17:17 says “Friends love through all kinds of weather.”

Have you ever had a friend like that? No matter what you do, what you are going through they are always there. You can live hundreds of miles away, not see each other for a long time, meet up ans everything is just the same as the last time you saw each other..

Real friendship endures through our worst and our best. It’s not about what we do, how we behave, what we believe or what football team we follow. Real friendship endures because of who we are and God wants to be my friend because He knows the real me, sees behind the masks and knows my heart. He wants to be my friend because He loves me unconditionally and to Him I am important. Loves me so much that He came down to earth from heaven to die on a cross for my sin, bad choices, attitudes and behaviors. Came lived and died to show me [and you] how to live according to His will for our lives on order that He will be glorified through our experience, strength and hope.


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