The Garden

Gethsemane means place of crushing. The name comes from an olive press located there. Jesus came to the Garden to be crushed. The agony, horror, and deep distress he experienced was so humanly unbearable that he asked his Father if it were possible to avoid the suffering. In a glorious moment, he reaffirmed why he had come to earth as a human: he chose the Father’s will over his own, and he did it for you.

Satan’s incessant, unrelenting attacks against him were all lies: How can one man do this? Do you really believe you can bear the full burden of sin? Saving their souls is too costly. No one, never, ever! Who is your Father? All were attacks against God’s plan of salvation and the very essence and identity of Jesus.

Jesus fell face down to the ground, and an angel from heaven came to strengthen him. He was in such agony of spirit his sweat fell to the ground as great drops of blood. Jesus’ identity gives you a new identity in him.

Lord, I’m so touched by what you endured for me. I pray, by your grace, I will endure the devil’s attacks against my new identity in you. Amen.

MARK 14:32-36; LUKE 22:43-44

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