Beat The Bordedom


Time on your hands can be disastrous. It is important as we move forward in the recovery process to fill our time with interesting and meaningful pursuits.

All kinds of methods have been used to occupy  our time when have nothing to do and get bored. Boredom is a common cause of suicide in the world today. Setbacks, letdowns, hurts, misunderstandings, our own moodiness can lead to depression. Boredom due to lack of time on the merry-go-round can leave us feeling woefully lost and ill-at ease with life.

When put in prison Paul and Silas overcame the darkness and distress through prayer, and singing praises to God (Acts 16:25) They came to grips with the horror and reality of their situation through spiritual measures. We too can use spiritual measures to help us come to grips with our circumstances. But we also need to take practical measures to protect ourselves from ‘attacks of boredom’ 

Service is an important part of the recovery process and we can serve in so many ways. We all mix in communities of people in need of human contact. I we don’t plan our lives to beat the boredom, the boredom will eventually beat us.


Helping Each Other Because God Says too.


The Bible says in Luke 14:4 “At the resurrection of the righteous, God will reward you for inviting those who could not repay you.”

One of the things that too me a while to get my head around when I came to recovery was the part of this scripture that says “you will not see the reward of some of the things you do till late. If ever.”

For anyone who hasn’t picked up on it yet. I enjoy social media. I think it a great medium for encouraging each other in recovery. A number of years ago, through social media I received a message that said “Thank you for that prayer all those years ago, it changed my life.” To be honest I don’t remember the prayer, nor the person. The great thing is God remembers both.

He brings people into our circle of influence regularly. People we may never know we have influenced or how we have influenced them. People who God may have used us to be the difference in their lives. Never underestimate the influence God has when you reach out to others in His name and help them because He calls you to.