Beat The Bordedom

Time on your hands can be disastrous. It is important as we move forward in the recovery process to fill our time with interesting and meaningful pursuits.

All kinds of methods have been used to occupy  our time when have nothing to do and get bored. Boredom is a common cause of suicide in the world today. Setbacks, letdowns, hurts, misunderstandings, our own moodiness can lead to depression. Boredom due to lack of time on the merry-go-round can leave us feeling woefully lost and ill-at ease with life.

When put in prison Paul and Silas overcame the darkness and distress through prayer, and singing praises to God (Acts 16:25) They came to grips with the horror and reality of their situation through spiritual measures. We too can use spiritual measures to help us come to grips with our circumstances. But we also need to take practical measures to protect ourselves from ‘attacks of boredom’ 

Service is an important part of the recovery process and we can serve in so many ways. We all mix in communities of people in need of human contact. I we don’t plan our lives to beat the boredom, the boredom will eventually beat us.


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