Do Something

Your pride rebels when God begins doing something new, making a pathway through the wilderness and creating rivers in your dry wasteland of life. There’s some ripping and tearing going on between your way and God’s. It seems painful at times because it is! Your flesh demands to make decisions out of emotion, while God invites you to make decisions by wisdom.

You have to stop something in order to do something about it. Your way is the path back to the bondage of addiction. God’s way is the pilgrim’s path of recovery, where you say no to the enemy’s lies and a glorious yes to the one who saved you.
With child-like faith, respond to Jesus’ last words from the cross he climbed to save you.

Yes, it is finished. You can do another day in recovery by God’s grace.

Lord, I ask for the grace to stop doing it my way. I ask for your strength to walk in what you have already finished for me. Amen.

ISAIAH 43:19; PHILIPPIANS 4:13; MATTHEW 5:37; JOHN 19:30

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