Character Issues

Addiction took you to dark places, possibly further than you ever wanted to go. Willpower, and thinking you had all the answers, never helped you get free from your addiction. Instead of shame and disgrace, God is faithful and ready to give you a double portion of blessing and everlasting joy.

Your recovery from addiction depends upon confronting the issues that were in you before medicating the pain—the why behind the what. This is an inside job, and you need to get out of his way for him to do his work in you.

Character issues will never sustain your new life in recovery; victim mentality and excessive misery must be confronted and removed before your heart hardens and takes you out. Deal with them, before they deal with you! What has to go? Everything that’s connected with that old way of life. Trade insanity for sanity! If you look for God wholeheartedly, you will find him.

Lord, I praise you for ending my captivity, restoring me, and bringing me into recovery. Thanks so much for your patience. Amen.
ISAIAH 61:7; EPHESIANS 4:22; JEREMIAH 29:13-14


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