A Blessing

Your addiction was a blessing because despair and brokenness got you to the place that God was all you had left. He answered your prayer, saved you, and set you into recovery to begin anew. No longer about you, it’s now all about him. You stop being a taker, and begin to be a giver. The condition of your heart determines the course of your life, and your only protection is to operate in God’s grace and tender mercies.

Before all else, give your heart to the one who knows your heart. Addiction hardened your heart with no hope. You no longer need to dangle your toes off the edge of the cliff to the dark abyss. Be encouraged on your imperfect journey, and don’t beat yourself up when falling short. Abba Father delights in each step you take toward him.

Lord, I’m grateful your love kept me safe when standing at the edge of the cliff. Guard my heart so my blessing can become a blessing to others. Amen.



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