It is Eye-Opening

logo_transparent_bgDo you have eyes that can’t see? Do you have ears that can’t hear? Mark 8:18

An old saying poses this startling truth. “There are none so blind as those who will not see.” It is possible to have eyes and refuse to see certain things. In other words, to close your eyes and your mind to the truth. To choose to ignore the facts and allow them to influence you.

Many of us for long periods of time failed to admit our problems, closing our eyes to the truth. We did not want to face the reality of our situation or circumstances. Maintaining recovery as an ongoing enjoyment is dependent on clear-sightedness. The realization of, then admission of our problem is a ‘necessity’ in the process. We can’t afford to close our eyes as we progress.

Have we opened our eyes to our need? There are a lot of things associated with our past we still may not want to look at openly and honestly. Venturing into our new way of living makes opening our eyes unavoidable. Unless we welcome God’s gifts within and seek to be open to His divine presence in our lives we cannot experience all He has in store for us.

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