2 Peter 2:20 If, after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they are again entangled in them and overcome, the latter end is worse for them than the beginning.

logo_transparent_bgPsychologist Abe Marlowe says we all have five basic needs:

  • Physical
  • Safety
  • Belonging
  • Esteem
  • Self-actualization

The last mentioned warrants our brief attention. God has endowed us each with personal abilities, which can be used for good. Employing ourselves usefully

will benefit us and our families, but we have obligations to our society at large. Selfishness blocks the overflow of goodwill and chokes our motivation towards others. We cannot function successfully if we are introverts. Self-actualization depends greatly on an acceptance of God’s plan for our lives and a willingness to learn how to bring ourselves under His management. Only when we are in a controlled relationship with god will we be at peace within and able to find fulfillment. Life with a capital ‘L’ is attainable but it has two arms. One longingly reaching up to God and the other feelingly moving out to everyone else.

Many of us, having achieved recovery fall back into our old ways. We must not yield to going backward. We cannot afford to be manipulated by the past. Part of the self-actualization process is resisting temptation. God has chosen us to be winners and this makes us Satan’s target in attempts to rebuff God and defeat Him and His purpose for our lives. As we aspire to achieve the best God has for us we need to count on Him through victory.

A Journey So Far


Acts 10:42 He commanded us (me) to preach the gospel to the people and to testify that He is the one whom God has appointed the judge of the living and the dead.

meIn 1987 at Serenity Lodge‘ in Rockingham‘ my recovery journey began. Right away I learned The Twelve Steps‘  attending and leading groups in Alcoholics Anonymous’

I completed, whilst at Serenity Lodge The Disease Concept of Alcoholism‘ and  ‘The Psychology of Winning’ One of which convinced me I had an incurable disease (alcoholism) the other that told me the power I needed to change my life was within me. No wonder I was confused! Whilst on in Serenity Lodge, studying The Twelve Steps I realized the power I needed to change was the power of my the power of my higher power. Having been brought up with a belief in God I knew the He was the answer. So I purchased a Bible based Devotional Book I would like to say my life change then. But it didn’t. Through a series of wrong choices and bad decisions, I relapsed (twice) but I knew the answer was in recovery, with God’s help. Whilst on my second relapse in 1988 God spoke to me and He said “If you want to get recovery you must leave Western Australia’ So I did. Hard to believe, even now/ I got on a bus and moved to Adelaide, South Australia. With no support and limited knowledge of Adelaide, I ended up The Salvation Army William Booth Men’s Hostel On one of my visits to The Sobering Up Unit in 1989 I saw an opportunity and took it to continue on my recovery journey, with God’s help. The Opportunity led me to Eden Park where I achieved sobriety, became a Christian and began following Jesus. On leaving the program in May 1989 I commenced running and establishing a number of different Bible Based Recovery Groups

In 2005 whilst Small Group Coordinator for the 4o Days of Purpose at my church God introduced me to Living Life Recovery and challenged me to commence Church for People with Addictions. Until now I have been in preparation for that task whilst running Living Life Recovery meetings. 2018 I believe is the year to launch Church for People with Addictions and thanks to the availability of the internet this online ministry will commence this Thursday night right here on http://livingliferecovery.com