What Others See

2 Thessalonians 2:5 Don’t you remember me going over all this in detail when I was with you? Are your memories that short?

logo_transparent_bg“I hope I am around when you get serious about recovery.

In ‘Serenity Lodge’ in 1987, when I was 23 and had been in recovery just a couple of months, I was called into the Superintendents office. I was playing games and he knew it. I went there expecting reprimand because he knew what I was up to. Instead, he invited me to become a volunteer leader on the programme leading Twelve Step Groups. I agreed and as I left his office he said to me “I hope I am around when you get serious about recovery, it will be worth watching.”

You know back then, I laughed when I heard that. But thinking about it now I wonder; what do others see when they look at me? What did that Superintendent see that I didn’t see or understand?  At 23 I began a journey people wait all their lives to get on. In my recovery life, I have been given more opportunities than most people. At a young age, early in recovery, I was introduced to leading recovery groups an opportunity to make a difference and an opportunity to change my life. It wasn’t till I was 25 and had created more havoc I actually began to take the process seriously and apply what I had taught so many others.

Every day I thank God for the opportunities He has given me, is giving me and will give me. Today I think entry into the recovery process with God’s help and guidance is the greatest opportunity any of us are given to obtain life transformation and productive living.

When people look at you what do the see?

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