“Why have you done such a wrong to God’s people? You have not allowed your own son to return from exile, and so you have condemned yourself by what you have just said.”  2 Samuel 14:13

Homesickness; there will be some of us who have suffered a tinge of pain and strange inner emotions when thinking about the homes we grew up in. Occasionally giving ourselves the luxury of reminiscing; times of seasonal festivity and precious memories that only kith and kin share. Some of us though have never known such warmth and homeliness, Being isolated at an early age.

An old Scottish preacher had three simple points when basing his sermon on the parable of the prodigal son. (Luke 15)  Sick of Home – Homesick – Home

Like the son in the story when we are sick and tired of being in a state of exile we say to God “Lord I am coming home”. In the circle of God’s fellowship, there is always a welcome for sinners. It is a home where the fires forever burn, dispelling any chill and providing warmth.

It is a matter for praise and rejoicing that in times of loss, isolation, and insecurity God shows us the way to find a dwelling place within the fellowship of His love.

Home Sickness

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