Diversion From Monotony

What can I offer the Lord for all He has done for me? I will lift up the cup of salvation and praise the Lord’s name for saving me. I will keep my promises to the Lord in the presence of all His people. Psalms 116:12-14

Alone, facing oneself, there can be an awful feeling of our nothingness; gloom descends; spiritual orphanage is real; vitality is dead. Destructive inertia accompanies sulking. Depressive moods can be like living in a haunted house. Allowing ourselves to get ‘fed up’ invites trouble. Self-centredness is largely the result of boredom. Isolation promotes it. Monotony fertilizes it. Unrewarding work will help make us acceptable to this infection.

It is dangerous to dwell long with exposure to despair. Distraction can be an immediate antidote to it. Deliverance is possible if we quickly renounce any aimlessness, confusion, and self-pity. Remaining a captive of boredom can be soul-destroying and fatal. Distraction lies in turning our wills and lives over to the care of God.


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