Identifying Hurt People


Matthew 5:43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbour.”

Welcome to Step Eight, which says “As part of the process of change, I will identify and record everyone I have harmed and through prayer become willing to make restitution to them.”

 Now that we have worked on our relationship with God. Have taken time to get to know ourselves and have commenced the process of change it is time to start working on repairing our relationships with others. Part of that process is identifying the people hurt by our sinful habits and attitudes. I know many of us have been hurt by others and they need to go on our lists, but the purpose of this step is to identify those we have hurt. This is a preparation step for making amends and restitution. An important part of repairing broken relationships.


  • Are you prepared to honestly make a list of people you have harmed and how you have hurt them?

The WORD For Recovery

Prayer: Lord, open my heart and my mind as I search to identify the people I have hurt in the past.

Facing Temptation


Proverbs 22:5 Thorns and traps lie in the paths of evil people. But those who guard themselves stay far away from them.

 A large part of the process of change is the commitment to keep changing. Nothing stays the same, except God. We live in a changing world and as we grow spiritually we have to continually adjust our character, with God’s help according to our spiritual maturity.

Along the way, we will all face temptations. To overcome them we need to learn to stay close to God and to guard the changes He has made in our habits and attitudes.

I can honestly say since I entered recovery I have been offered more alcohol and drugs than I ever was when I was using. Thankfully with God’s help, I have always been able to say no.

  • Do you have a plan for avoiding the thorns and traps when they present?

LLR bg


Prayer: Lord help me to learn to arm myself against temptation when it comes.

Can You Stand Up?


It is good to stand tall. There is something about upright upstanding people that is encouraging.

At this point in your recovery process what is your standing? When you commenced the process did you make a conscious choice to be counted among those who stand for goodness, honesty, purity and right living. we need to build our lives on solid foundations.  We need to learn to cope.


“If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything.”