Count Down

Job 16:12 I was enjoying a quiet, peaceful life, but then God crushed me. Yes, he took me by the neck and broke me into pieces. He has made me his target.

There were times for some of us when things seemed to be going well. But as we now reflect we can see it all fell apart. Everything came to a head. We seemed at ease yet a crisis resulted. Some of us still suffer from the experience. The end of the road collapse can be painful.

Out of that breaking can come blessedness, the shambles can introduce us to freedom. When destitute with nowhere to turn Jesus invites us Matthew 11:28Come to me all of you who are tired from the heavy burden you have been forced to carry. I will give you rest.”  Broken, battered and at a loss, this verse reminds us we are not beyond His care. His reins on us bringing us back to sensibleness. Setting us as a target for His divine affection, interest, and attention.

Count-down precedes blast off into a new way of learning spiritual truths, a new way of living life lessons, a new way of God equipping us to become all He is calling us to be and doing all he is calling us to do in His name, by His strength.

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