God Creates Opportunities for us to ENCOURAGE OTHERS

Psalms 37:6 He will make your godly ways shine like the dawn. He will make your honest life shine like the sun at noon.

 God wants to use you to encourage others. He did it with me and He wants to do it with you. That is why as we go through this process of becoming what God wants us to be we need to get it right.

God provides opportunities for us through the process of recovery. Learning opportunities where we learn more about ourselves and Him. It never stops! There is still so much about me I don’t know. Stuff that has not yet been dealt with in my sinful habits and attitudes. I know that because all the time memories are coming back to me about things I had forgotten in my past. The reason I believe it happens is that the more I grow spiritually the more God equips me to handle. He makes me aware of things to make me more like Jesus s I deal with them.

  • What are your God-given opportunities?
  • How are you using them?

The WORD For Recovery

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