Time For God

Psalms 37:23 If the Lord is pleased with the way a man lives, he makes his steps secure.

To please God, we need to change our sinful habits and attitudes. When we do He makes all the parts of our lives fit together.

Whilst on the Bridge Program I wrote a five-year plan. Directed by God in every area of my life He showed me His plan.

Now you would think with a five-year plan from God on every area of my life the way forward should have been easy. It wasn’t, because even though I had given my life to God and was doing my best to follow Him in a number of areas of my life I still thought the same as I always had and acted accordingly.

Pleasing Him and receiving God’s gifts means putting in time not just getting to know His Word but getting to know Him on a personal intimate level.

  • How are you getting to know God personally?

The WORD For Recovery

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