Write a Letter

Romans 13:8 Pay everything you owe. But you can never pay back all the love you owe each other. Those who love others have done everything the law requires.

Some relationships can never be repaired. People may have passed away. They may have moved away and you have lost touch with them.

As I said previously the most devastating thing that ever happened to me in my life was not attending my Dad’s funeral. The second was not taking the time to get to know him again when I had the opportunity. There are a number of gaps in my life, things I can’t remember that my Dad could have filled. No one else can.

Part of the healing process in my recovery journey was writing a long letter to my Dad telling him what I should have told him and asking him the questions I should have asked him.

  • Who on your list can’t you contact writing a letter to will help?


 Prayer: God reveal to me the people writing a letter to will help me heal. Let me not use this as an excuse to avoid

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