#2057 We are Growing

Reflections Cover

verse for today1 John 2:3 We know that we have come to know God if we obey his commands.

thought_for_todayContinually checking on our progress through recovery is a good thing. It helps us to realise we have grown.

Spiritual growth is not like physical growth. We can’t always see it. I have been privileged through my recovery to have lots of opportunities to share with other people from many walks of life. Now I am not the greatest speaker in the world. In fact, by biggest fear has and always will be public speaking. But sometimes what I say surprises me. When I get up to speak publicly, no matter where the holy Spirit takes over and I thank God that through daily relationship with Him I am word for todaygrowing.

  • Has something ever happened in your recovery that worked out for your benefit and you thought to yourself “Where did that come from?”
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