#2268 Living Life Recovery Reflection

Reflections Cover

God is Listening

Psalms 69:33 The Lord hears those who are in need. He doesn’t forget his people in prison.

It’s still amazes me, so many years after being in recovery to look back and see God’s intervention.

I remember times where I have thought ‘this is it, it’s all over now.’ And believed it was. Then something out of the ordinary happened. Something that made it possible for me to cope and to go on in hope.

We can’t always see what God is doing in our lives on our behalf He assures us He is always watching, always waiting to help us and always ready to do for us what we can’t do for ourselves.


  • Take time today to stop! To talk to God about the seemingly impossible things in your life and to thank Him for His assistance with them


Prayer: Thank You Lord for all the times You have intervened in my life without me knowing. Help me today to remember to include You in what I do


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