#1 Morning Start-Up


        Psalm 23:4



One of the disciplines I learned early in recovery. In fact, I learned it whilst in rehab in Rockingham in Western Australia through the reading of the Alcoholics Anonymous book 24 Hours a Day. It was the importance of starting the day right in a morning devotional time. Over the years I have maintained this practice. Whilst the Territorial Wholesale Manager of ‘Salvation Army Family Stores’ we used to start every day with ‘morning devotions’ that included all staff, many of whom were not Christian but who all looked forward to our time together before we commenced work for the day.

To that end, Living Life Recovery will now have a ‘Morning Start-Up’ reading featured here on our website at http://livingliferecovery.com(better late than never) The purpose of these morning start-up meetings is to focus our attention on recovery each day and having a God focus throughout the day to help us as we move forward on our spiritual walk.

The title for day one is above with a link to today’s verse for today. My prayer is that God will draw us closer to Himself as we share these important start-up messages together.

Morning Star-Up

When we were living irresponsibly we often put our lives in danger. I certainly did, but that’s another story for another time. Under the influence of alcohol or another mind-altering drug of choice we often disregard safety and common sense. At other times we may have experienced inexplicable fear and anxieties from which we felt powerless to escape. Like many other people, we looked for release by using more of our drug of choice. However, when the effects wore off our fears and anxieties remained. Our fears and anxieties were only brought under control when we handed them over to God and allowed Him to lead us to the right solutions.


The world is full of people, situations and experiences that I was afraid of. I found that using alcohol and other drugs helped me forget those fears for a while. But they didn’t remove my fears. When I put my life in God’s hand in 1989 I discovered He removed my emotional fears. With Him, I can walk through the darkest valley, without fear secure in the knowledge that He will take care of me.


I pray I will never take my life out of God’s hands and allow fear and anxiety to control my life.



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