#2 Morning Start-Up




      Psalm 23:5-6


Morning Start-Up

The good times are not all in the past. We sometimes remember the ‘good old days’ without remembering they were really ‘the bad old days’ Living standards and conditions that were not very good. I remember spending five years of my life homeless. I always had a roof over my head. Some were supplied by employers, some were shared accommodation because I had nowhere else to go and some were places rented by other people where I just visited one day and never went away. I also spent a short time on the streets of Perth but not long enough to qualify in my opinion as homeless. All due to my addiction to alcohol and abuse of other drugs.

The message of the Bible and the Twelve Steps of Recovery strongly challenged me to think in terms of better days ahead. It was not enough for me to simply move away from my old indulgences. Not enough to make a conscious choice to change my life.  I had to totally reprogram my mind to think differently. I had daily come into the presence of God and seek His way of living in order to succeed in recovery. I had to obediently go where He directed me to go in order to experience the blessings He had in store for me.

When I committed my life, totally to God I found every day of my life filled with things from Him that were good for me.


I will seek to fill my life with the things that God has prepared for my good. This helps me to resist the things that only bring me sorrow and suffering. I will endeavour to share God’s goodness and love with everyone I live and work with.


I thank God for every good gift He has given to me. I thank Him for His love which I can share with others.

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