#4 Morning Start- Up


           Luke 18:15-17




Morning Start-Up
There have been many times in my life in the past when I have been ‘childish’, but not ‘childlike’ When I was stubborn, foolish and destructive. Times when under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs I have knowingly done the wrong thing. I remember one occasion where I was picked up by the police in the morning, charged with ‘D.U.I.’ had my license suspended then on release piling people into my car and driving from Rockingham to Perth to go to a club. My actions and behaviour that day anything but ‘adult’  I can call many more incidents to mind when I thought like a little child. Sobriety was the first step in my growing up.

Sobriety meant keeping a childlike attitude of ‘simple but not stupid’ An attitude of trusting God and learning from Him. Trusting Him in a childlike attitude, growing with Him in a childlike manner. Discoveing childlike optimism and involvement as I mature in faith one day at a time.

Although I am an adult and behave in a mature grown-up way, I still want faith as a little child. I want to accept Jesus Christ as my One True Higher Power who loves and cares for me. As I learn to trust Him day by day I learn to trust other people and to trust myself because “I AM  A CHILD OF GOD”

I pray today that I may have faith as a little child and God’s kingdom will come into my life.


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